9 Hiska, Kras; Slovenia

In the Western part of Slovenia can be found stone shelter, named hiska. It is used for sheltering the flock, rare for people (only the small ones).

Hiska is small object, located mostly in the wall, or outer the wall, but with entrance from the inner side of the wall, enclosed the field or pasture. Its construction is mostly circular, sometimes stepped up to the top.

Hiska can be found in all Kras (Karst) area, nevertheless it is on the Slovene or Italian side of the border: it is ethnical based architecture, made by Slovene shepherds.

hiska near Volcji grad
hiska near Volcji grad, 2ooo
the small hiska for storing the food, Presnica, 1994
hiska near Volcji grad
hiska near Presnica, Kras, 1994
hiska near Villa Opicina/Opcine, Carso/Kras Italy, 2oo1
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